If you are looking for certified Persian <> English translation services, notarized and legalized by the Iranian Judiciary and the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you have come to the right place!

دارالترجمه رسمی بخارست
میدان آرژانتین

دارالترجمه رسمی بخارست – ش. 824 
Bokharest Certified Translation Services – No. 824
مترجم مسئول: دکتر سید حسین ارجانی

تهران، میدان آرژانتین، نرسیده به خیابان احمد قصیر (بخارست)، نبش خیابان هجدهم، ساختمان جردن، واحد 13 
تلفن: 5-88519614
همراه: 09020082824
bokharest.translation@gmail.com :ایمیل 



Bokharest Official Translation Office - No. 824 - Translator in Chief: Dr. S. Hossein Arjani
Bokharest Official Translation Office – No. 824

We are close to Vozara Street, Gandhi Street, Beyhaghi Street, Alvand Street and several embassies and VFS offices in Tehran, and we provide high-quality translations delivered by official translators, professional translators, and academics.

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